An Apple a Day

Today we got confirmation of our Apple iOS developer accounts going through. You may ask, ‘What is Gaia Resources doing buying rights to develop on a closed and proprietry platform? I thought those guys were Opensource’.

Well, that’s 100% true, we are both opensource advocates and developers, and developing platform specific code is something we tend to prefer to stay away from, however, be that as it may, people like Apple products. To be honest, the iPhones and iPads that we develop for are indeed pretty neat products in their own way. They focus on stability, performance and I would say they actually do provide a really good user experience. (As long as you follow the Apple way).

So does that mean that Gaia are now Apple Developers?

Both yes and no. The main reason behind our participation in the iOS developer program is for us is to wrap up our platform non-specific HTML5 applications using PhoneGap and provide a ‘native’ app for iPhone and iPad users to download from the App Store, which is a more natural and consistent process on the iPlatform.

So in conclusion, the aim of all this is to enhance the experience for the end users of our applications enabling them to interact with their devices in the way that they would expect.

And Apple makes another 100 bucks in the process…


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