Archives now and forever!

Last week Meg and I went along to the 2022 opening event for the Western Australian branch of the Australian Society of Archives (ASA), hosted by the National Archives of Australia.

We were asked to present on the work that we do in the archival collections around Australia, so we gave a quick run through of a range of projects that we’re working on around Australia, and talked about some common and different functionality. We then talked through some of the technology and future things that might be of interest to archives we’ve been looking at. 

The talk was given in person (with a COVID safe setup) and also on Zoom – and the Zoom call was recorded as has been made available below.

It was nice to see a few of our clients and some new faces as well.  One thing that I really like about the way the ASA operates is that it welcomes in new organisations that are seeking to learn about archiving, and some of the people we met that night asked a whole bunch of interesting questions in the session and afterwards around the technology side of archiving.

Over the years, the ASA has facilitated ways for us to learn a lot as a team about archives, and it was good to be giving something back to them and their members!  If you have questions about archives, then feel free to get in touch and ask either Meg or myself questions via our email address – or start a conversation with us on our social media via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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