Well, it’s my last day here at Gaia Resources, it’s been fun and I’ve managed to learn a lot about things that I never thought I’d understand. Most of GIS is still a mystery to me but at least I have a vague understanding of spatial data and what the hell a projection is.

I’ll miss working here, possibly not going to miss the pile of dead ants on my desk this morning, but will miss the atmosphere that is steadily growing as Piers builds Gaia Resources up further and further.

I hope that I’ve managed to help people out when I’ve been called on and Piers has my contact details should anyone want or need to get hold of me.

As you might know I’m hoping to compete for Great Britain in the Long Distance Triathlon World Championships here in Perth in October ( followed by Ironman WA ( in Busselton in December. If I make it to the Worlds then any support you can offer would be great, my tri club have promised to boo me if I’m wearing a British kit…. I should also be on the start line for the half marathon at the Perth City to Surf so might see a few of you there.

All the very best to you all. Is it time for the pub yet?


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