e-Biosphere kicks off

I’m currently living the experience of those poor unfortunate people who couldn’t make it to the TDWG 2008 conference in Fremantle.


e-Biosphere 09 is currently underway in London.  It’s a big event in the bioinformatics community, but I couldn’t justify heading across to the event given the amount of work we have on – and I’m also about to go to Malaysia in a couple of weeks for some preparation for my wedding later in the year.


Anyway, thanks to modern technology I’m following e-Bio by Twitter at the moment.  At the same time, I’m also checking the forums for the event, which are a complete ghost town.  It’s made me re-evaluate Twitter; I can see now that it has it’s place under specific circumstances.  If I read one more “… having coffee…” style tweet… *argh*


It’s definately worth looking at the Twitter feed from the event to see what the people are Tweeting: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=ebio09.  But be warned, if you’re reading this in a feed – after lunch they are about to head into LSID territory…


Happy (Western Australian) Foundation Day!


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