Environmental QGIS Training – back in the South West

I am starting to feel like a local for all my enjoyable trips down to gorgeous Albany. This trip was for another QGIS training course for participants from a wide range of research and conservation groups including the University of Western Australia, South Coast NRM, Fitzgerald Biosphere Group, Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee and Torbay Catchment Group (you can read more about other QGIS training courses here). As always a very interesting and varied bunch, with a wide range of skills and needs, were keen to get across this great bit of free software.


Spatial masterminds in the making

Our Environmental QGIS Course for Beginners is a great way to get your teeth into GIS using locally relevant data, leaving you confident with essential GIS workflows when returning to the office and enough skills to know how to Google it if you need reminding or have a new workflow you’d like to test out.

The course is constantly being revised based on our valued feedback, including the challenge of catering for such a wide range of skills on the same course; more intermediate level processes are provided for participants with some experience while the absolute beginners or tech shy can focus on getting data in and making a great map. It is a two day course and the afternoon of day two focuses on those needing extra time or custom workflows/data that participants bring to the table.

We are always looking for another excuse to visit the stunning south west and work with people making a difference, so if you think you can get some interested parties together we would be very happy to quote, on a time and materials basis, custom training to your requirements.

Due to the success of this training we also provide QGIS training every two to three months on a commercial basis here in Perth to make it more readily available to the broader community!  For more information about GRID or QGIS training please call 08 9227 7309 or email training@gaiaresources.com.au. Alternatively you can email me directly here or contact us via Twitter or our Facebook page.


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