Field Data Collection at BHP

Last year we were approached by BHP Billiton with a brief to provide a field collection solution. While we can’t show you much relating to the project as it is all owned by the client the project centred around providing a solution for the management of their weed mapping work.


To minimise the risk to BHP we decided to use a phased approach which started small with the hiring of a single TDS Nomad PDAs with ESRI ArcPad to test the technology. When this trial proved to be successful BHP purchased three Nomad units and requested the creation of a weeds data standard and custom data collection forms for ArcPad. User training was also delivered onsite to the BHP environmental crew at Newman.
This project has been successfully delivered to BHP and is now in production and there is the possibility that the project may be extended in the future to cover further sites and data types.


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