FOSS4G Oceania

We usually attend or sponsor conferences for a couple of different reasons; either there is an opportunity to learn something from the speakers or our clients will be there and we have an opportunity to talk to them. FOSS4G Oceania (Free and Open Source Software For Geospatial) is a little different in that it is both an opportunity to learn, but more importantly an opportunity to support the open source geospatial community. That is why we are excited to get on board as a gold sponsor when FOSS4G Oceania comes to Melbourne later in the year.

For those that aren’t familiar with FOSS4G it is a conference for the open source geospatial community that brings together developers, users and decision makers for workshops, presentations and discussions. FOSS4G events are held all over the world each year including an annual global event that is happening in August in Dar es Salaam. I have been lucky enough to go to the global conference twice, you can read more about my trip to the 2014 conference in Portland here.

Open source geospatial has been growing rapidly in recent years and a sign of the maturity of the community is that we are starting to see these types of events being held and we hope that by supporting the conference it will go a small way toward encouraging future conferences and meetups.

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