Further responses to the Coronavirus

An update on our response to the Coronavirus at Gaia Resources

We wrote last week that we had been undertaking a range of prevention (basic hygiene, avoiding coming to work when sick and stopping travel) and preparation activities – getting ready for a “working from home” situation. You can read that blog at https://www.gaiaresources.com.au/responding-coronavirus/.

As part of the preparation phase, we ran a working-from-home trial on Tuesday of this week (see https://www.gaiaresources.com.au/working-home-pets/ for a recap), which went well. We polled our team, and 26 out of 29 staff said it was positive, and 23 out of 29 said they were at least as productive as working in the office, if not more so. As a result, we made the decision to move to a complete “working from home” model for the company, effective from Thursday, 19th March 2020 – and to implement a few more changes to further improve the productivity of our teams.

We foresee that this will have minimal impacts on the projects that we are working on, and on the work that we do. All of our team now have the tools that they require to be productive from home, we have our systems available remotely (primarily based in Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure), and we are confident that this will represent as minimal a disruption to our team as possible.

We are also implementing a range of new actions to keep our team cohesive, maintain productivity and make sure we are looking after each other. We will provide more updates via our blog on both the more serious and lighter side of these approaches.

We will be monitoring the situation closely, and making adjustments to our response where we need to.

If you have any queries about how this will impact on projects we are delivering for you, then please contact your project manager, or call either myself (0411 754 006) or Andrew (0459 990 256), or call us via the Perth office on (08) 92277309 (which will be diverted, and we will be able to call you back once we get the message).

In the meantime, then please take care of yourselves and each other.


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