GovHack 2016

GovHack is annual event where people are invited to attend an intensive weekend-long hack to use open government data to come up with new uses for those data.

In my previous role at the Western Australian Museum, I had attended as a data mentor, someone who helps participants understand the datasets, but I am fairly new as a participant.  So, for this year’s event, I registered to attend the Brisbane node, with a view to run my own team and investigate open data from the National Pollutant Inventory.

Due to family commitments, I couldn’t spend the whole weekend out at the hack, instead working a few hours from home. But I did get enough time to import around 12,000 water pollution records into a Drupal site, and then build a number of discovery and interrogation tools for that data.

But rather than write a lengthy piece, I think I can explain it better through this video:

If you’re interested in checking it out, I’ve published the hack to my own personal website for now:

Enjoy! And if you like, send me an email, or start a conversation with us via FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.



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