Happy Campers

We’re pleased to announce that our latest app, CampingMate, which we built for Department of Parks and Wildlife is now live in both the iTunes and Google Play stores!


Camping Mate is an app that helps users plan a camping trip away by having helpful checklist items based on different camping types, and is easily customizable to each individual by allowing you to add and remove items to suit.  It is a useful tool to allow you to check off items needed for your camping trip and also allows sharing of these lists (and checked off status of each item) via email with the people you’re camping with. It also has useful information/links about planning your upcoming camping trip from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

The app was built using Cordova (https://cordova.apache.org) and also using Ionic Framework (http://ionicframework.com) which allowed us to develop both iOS and Android apps fairly quickly with a native looking UI and experience.

It is available for download free on the iTunes or Google Play stores via the buttons below:

en_generic_rgb_wo_45 badge_appstore-lrg

It was a great first project for me to get involved with the technologies and way that Gaia Resources work, and to see the app hit the stores is a great milestone for all of us involved both at Gaia Resources and the Department of Parks and Wildlife.


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