Multiple (overdue) welcomes!

It’s been a very busy six months for us here at Gaia Resources, with three new team members joining us since the start of the year – Voon Li Chung, Jake Treacher and Barbara Zakrzewska.  It’s about time we did some introductions – and it’s definitely time that we updated our About Us page with a bunch of new photos, so look out for that soon – but meanwhile, here’s a picture of the latest three new members of the Gaia Resources family:

Introducing Jake, Barbara and Voon Li (spot the actor?)

Voon Li joined us last year (time flies!) as a contract mobile software engineer, and quickly came up to speed with our various mobile tools.  He’s been working on our Project Hydra based citizen science platform, and a range of bespoke apps like Marine Parks, Wildcare Helpline and Camping Mate.  Voon Li has quickly broadened his skillset with us to take on more than just the mobile side of these projects, too, and has been working on the server side aspects of these platforms – which has been really helpful in the times when we get really busy!  In his spare time, he’s also a roller derby referee!

Barbara has been with us since early this year as a contractor, with a focus on a few larger projects that we’ve had on the go (which we’ll be blogging about at a later stage when they’re complete!).  Barbara’s background in geology really has been helpful in this work, which has a focus on the resources industry.  Barbara has been a great addition to our spatial team, and has been working with us on implementing a range of automation style technologies for our clients, to bring more efficiency into their systems and processes.

Jake (last but not least) is our newest software engineer who has joined us recently after completing an internship with the team at Hatchet, who also are FLUX residents.  Jake has taken on our first dedicated support engineer role, and works closely with Tracey to deliver a range of solutions and support to our clients using our systems like GRID as well as our citizen science projects.  He’s already proven himself to be willing and adaptable with the various technologies that we’ve flung at him, which is one of the main qualities we look for in staff these days.  Oh, and since we already have a Jake (Geddes), we’ve had to start calling them New Jake and Old Jake…

It’s great to see the team here expanding with our new team members, who all bring new ideas, technology skills and opinions to our little group (which is getting not so little?).  With the shot in the arm that we got from moving to the new space at FLUX through to a range of things that we’ve changed up this year, we’re seeing a lot of benefits to our organisation.  Although I for one am not using the gym at work often enough!

Even though we’ve been recruiting lately, we’re still looking for good people to join our team.  We’re working on some big new projects for the coming financial year, and we’ll be looking for new staff based in both our Perth and Queensland offices, with a focus on the project management and support areas.  If you’re interested in these areas, drop an email with your CV to and we’ll be in touch.


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