Office artworks

Just before Christmas last year, we got the last of our original artworks from Rachel O’Shea, who runs her own business specialising in scientific and other illustrations.  Rachel and I first met a few years ago when she worked at the Western Australian Museum.  Rachel has created artworks for us based on a brief along the lines of “scientifically correct, but a different view than normal”.


For those of you that don’t normally make it into our offices, this is what they look like:

Soldier Crab
Tawny Frogmouth
Fish Triptych
Grasstree Thorny Devil


These artworks have made a huge positive difference to our office.  Along with our plants (after a few teething problems with light and bugs), our office feels to me like a really different place from where we started in there almost two years ago.


If you are looking for some different artwork for your office or home, then contact Rachel directly via her web site.  If you want to discuss this post, feel free to email me.

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