Partnerships, people and change

Gaia Resources is currently undergoing a period of growth and change. However, one of the things that we are bringing along with us on our evolution is our focus on people.

Over the past several years, Gaia Resources has grown its team considerably due to an increase in demand for our services. However, there are still plenty of occasions where we acknowledge that a specific project or undertaking requires additional resources or skills, beyond what our own team delivers. Sometimes this is in an opportunity to move into an entirely new area (when we partnered with the Global Wetlands project for a fish identification solution using AI), or in delivery of a specialised solution that we want to ensure we bring all of the best knowledge and skills to the area (such as the consortium of organisations we have brought together for the delivery of the Queensland State Archives Digital Preservation project.)

Sometimes it is because our values align so well with a partner it is almost like considering them an extension of the team.

This is the case with our partners in the digital experience agency, Liquid Interactive. We have worked so well with them, and so often that we will not only consider them for projects that we know will utilise their skills and specialisations, our own team is excited for each opportunity to work alongside them.

We have worked with them as sub-contractors to deliver development support for Drupal websites in GovCMS; they have assisted us on projects where providing data delivery with a great user experience was key; when one of our team members relocated to a city without any other Gaia Resources staff, we set up her office to be colocated with Liquid Interactive team members. I have also been fairly regularly featuring their Future Led Series of events in my own blogs, and while the events themselves have been a fantastic opportunity to hear informed and varied opinions on topics that matter to our future – I also have to confess to enjoying an opportunity to get to know their team a little better.

Liquid Interactive themselves was first introduced to us through one of our previous employees, Morgan Strong, who has engaged them successfully in previous roles. Morgan has moved on to a role as the Digital Transformation Manager at Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), but is also still heavily involved in our organisation as a Drupal and Open Source advocate, and as a client in delivering Collection-based projects.

The world is ever-changing, but I believe there are some things that remain the same. One of these is that as much as what we deliver is important, how we do it is also impactful. It is through our connections with other people that we come to understand the world, so building positive connections can only help us to find our place to deliver the most to our community.

If you are interested in working with an organisation that is collaborative, people-focused, and provides a supportive culture for teamwork, reach out to us via email at or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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