Quicklinks is a new feature of our blog that will highlight things that we have found interesting over the past week or so. It promises to be a bit of a mixed bag of all things geeky!

  • This week I have been listening to the audiobook for Chris Anderson’s new book ‘Free’. The book talks about the economic model that underpins open source software and much of what is happening on the web. The audiobook is free and you can get it here
  • Twitter have made a number of changes to their terms of service. The key one is that advertising is now permitted
  • Google have released Google Earth version 5.1, this is mostly focused on improving performance. Google have also released Monopoly City Streets, which lets you ‘buy’ actual streets
  • ESRI have announced that they will be releasing ArcGIS 9.3.1 Service Pack 1 in December, this release is focused on bug fixes
  • uDig are edging closer to a full release of version 1.2, “milestone 6” is now available for download

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