Rugby and Presentations

Given the amount of work we’ve got scheduled, I’ve been keen to make sure we still have some opportunities to have fun, and also to take opportunities to develop. So in the last couple of weeks we’ve managed to do both.


On the fun side, we went to the rugby the other week to see Western Force unfortunately lose to the Auckland Blues. Andrew, as our resident Aucklander, has been relatively quiet about it. Despite the fact that the Force lost, I think we all enjoyed a night out doing something different.


On the development side, we spent Thursday out of the office at a presentation skills workshop run by Cameron Read from Front and Centre Training. We learnt a lot about how to ‘perform’ in a presentation environment , and we’re going to change the way we get ready for presentations within the business. I’m really looking forward to seeing the feedback from the workshop, including some of the funniest videos of presentations I’ll have seen in a while.*


Oh. And this sign has “special” meaning to one of us in particular…



You’ll know who it is when you next drop past our offices!


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* Cameron did suggest posting them on Youtube, but somehow, I don’t think so!

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