State NRM gets GRID

As part of our ongoing work with GRID,  we have just implemented a new instance – this time to the State NRM Program – in a training session that Piers went and delivered this morning (yes, we let him out of the office occasionally).

The State NRM Program manages a range of different grant programs, and one of the grants that they funded last year was with the NRM bodies (through the South West Catchments Council) to undertake a range of enhancements and capability building work on the GRID product.


The training session this morning was a relatively informal one, covering not only how to use GRID, but also some really fruitful discussions around how they can set up GRID to support their grant programs and the organisations that they work with on these.  In the space of two hours, the State NRM program staff were up to speed with the system from start to finish – from driving the map interface, querying and reporting, to adding and configuring content as administrators for their users. In relatively short order, they are now considering additional configuration and reporting functions to align with their business workflows.

This brings another NRM group on board with GRID, and with continued interest from other similar groups and organisations around Australia, it looks like we will be announcing a few more in the coming months.  If you want to know more about GRID, have a look at our product page (here) or read some of our historical GRID blogs (here).

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