The End of an Era

This Friday marks the end of an era at Gaia Resources.


Tim Carpenter is leaving us this Friday.  Tim’s worked with us for two years on a range of projects, and has been the lead on a whole heap of very successful projects, including Earth 2.0, HermesLite, and a huge range of project work for our clients.  A big part of why we’re successful at what we do has been due to the work Tim’s put into these projects.


As you would have seen, we’ve been recruiting to replace Tim – which is not an easy job – and Anthony has just accepted the Senior Developer position.  I’ll introduce Anthony to the blog and so on when he starts in mid July.  In the meantime, there will be a gap of about a month between Tim and Anthony, during which Ryan and I will be covering anything that pops up.  If you have any queries about anything, call me in our office +61 8 92277309, or email me here.


To send off Tim in the right spirit (or spirits, beers and wines as the case may be), we’re closing the office early this Friday (12th) to go to his leaving drinks.


There isn’t any other way to say it – it’s been fun having Tim around, and he’s done a great job.  We will certainly miss giving him a lot of flak as the resident Englishman (e.g. “the Netherlands are not even a test playing nation”), and copping a lot back in return (e.g. “Johnny Wilkinson”).  The prank he pulled on us via our web site was one of the best – he redirected our web site based on our static IP address so that we saw a slideshow of Australia losing a cricket match we all went to.


So thanks, Tim – look forward to seeing you represent the UK in the near future (if the triathlon team falls through, you can always get into the cricket team, right?).


You can email me directly here – but you can also get hold of Tim for this week through here.

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