Toys for WALIS

Cutting Edge? No, it’s all smooth and lovely, the new Pelican iPhone case.


We could be the first people in Australia to have the new Pelican iPhone/iPod Touch case (i1015).  It’s life-time guaranteed, water resistant, and crush proof as per usual with Pelican cases, but this one also has an integrated headphone jack through the wall of the case, and a nifty little headphone winder inside to keep everything neat and tidy.  Piers tells me that his HTC phone fits too (see below).

We also received our new pens (picture) made from 100% recycled paper (with minimal plastic).  Beats adding to the over 10 million plastic pens chucked into Australian landfill annually.


Our prize draw this year at the WALIS Forum is a new Solio “hybrid” charger, just like the one Piers has been using.  So come grab a pen, check out the new Pelican case, and enter our busines card give-a-way for a Solio charger at our stand.  See you there!








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