TrailsWA goes mobile!

We’re back and blogging for 2016, kicking off with a post about another app we produced, which went live late in 2015.  This one is called “Trails WA”, and we built this app for Trails WA and the Department of Parks and Wildlife.  This is an iOS only app that is available for free from the iTunes store.


The app provides quick access to the trails that are listed on the Trails WA website, and allows you to search for specific trails by region, type of trail, experience, difficulty and time required to complete the trails.  Since your iPhone is also a GPS, we also can find the trails near to you (based on your current location) and show them on a handy map.

When viewing more details about a particular trail, you will have access to information including degree of difficulty, length of trail, time required to complete trails, facilities, map of the trail and contact information to allow you to plan your visit.

All this is information is available even when you are offline (e.g. when there is no network coverage in remote areas) and the trail information is kept up to date automatically whenever changes to are made to the Trails WA website.  This means you can go on a nice long hike and still use the app.

Additionally the app also provides access to any up to date alerts including park alerts, fire alerts, Department of Fire and Emergency Services alerts and latest news from the Department of Parks and Wildlife, which is quite important considering the fires around the state in the last few weeks.  Of course, this only works if you are online.

So, download the app today and get out there!  If you want to know more, you can have a look at our summary project page or start a conversation with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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