Triathlons and Koalas

I returned from Queensland last night having competed in the Noosa Triathlon on Sunday 2nd November. It was a fantastic event to take part in and I posted a time of 2:35:59 for the 1500m swim, 40km bike, and 10km run. Given recent injury and illness I’m pretty pleased with that but I know I can go faster and will aim to do so in the races here in Perth this season. A few photos from the event are here.


What does this have to do with this blog? Well, I remember Noosa as the first place that I visted on my first trip to Australia just over three years ago. One of the highlights, apart from popping up to Fraser Island for three days, was my first sight of wild koalas in Noosa National Park. On this trip I was amazed to read that the number of koalas has dropped dramatically in the Noosa area recently as a result of stress from human interference and disease. They might all disappear within the next three years.


That’s terrible news and just another reminder of how we are all affecting, changing and destroying this planet and it’s wildlife.

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