Upcoming Canberra Trip

I am heading to Canberra in a little over a week to attend a Wikimedia event, GLAM-WIKI.  As part of that, a few of us decided to try to arrange an informal bioinformatics catch up:


Where:  The Wig and Pen, Canberra (here)

When: “After work” (6pm?) on Wednesday, August 5th

Rule: If you mention LSIDs out loud, you must buy a round of drinks for the rest of the gang.


I’m really looking forward to this trip.  Anthony’s joining me for a couple of days in Canberra on this trip and we will be spending some time with the Department of Environment, Water Heritage and the Arts, looking at various upcoming projects.


I’m also tacking on an extra day at the end of my trip to get the binos out and go birdwatching for a few hours, which will be something I haven’t done in a while – and makes up for the fact I couldn’t attend the Rio Tinto 2009 birdwatch in Paraburdoo this weekend.


I’ll post another blog about the talk I did yesterday at Edith Cowan University during the week – we are gearing ourselves up here for some major work on Earth 2.0 and as part of that, we’re giving ECU subscriptions to the application for two of their units this semester.


Email me directly here – especially if you’re planning on coming to the drinks.

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