We want to hear from you

For this weeks blog we are doing something a little bit different – we want to hear from you!

As I recently started as the Marketing Coordinator at Gaia Resources, I started by looking into the readership of our monthly newsletter and social platforms and planning out how we can provide you with more interesting content.  It’s been really interesting to see how the different platforms are used here at Gaia Resources, and we’re planning on some updates to all that in the new financial year.

So this week we are asking for you to take a short survey (it should only take a few minutes) to let us know what you would be interested in seeing from us – just click here or on the picture below.

At the bottom of the survey we are asking you to provide your email address (we will not be sharing these, nor subscribing you to anything. But we’d love it if you wanted to subscribe). This is because for each valid survey we receive back with a valid email address we will be planting a tree – fitting with our ethos of making the world a better place, like we do for our carbon neutral status.  We will provide an update on the total number of trees we planted in a future post.

By providing us with feedback, not only are you planting a tree, but you’re also helping the team and I to create better content for you. 

If you’d like to give me some specific feedback, feel free to email me, or start a conversation with us on one of our social media platforms –  Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.


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