About Us

Gaia Resources is a consultancy that responsibly delivers sustainable technology solutions to companies that work with the environment. We have been operating since 2004, and have developed a strong reputation for providing quality services and ensuring the best for our clients.

Our Values

Gaia Resources operates under a simple set of values.

  • We minimise the environmental impact of everything that we do,
  • We deliver the best holistic solution for our clients, and
  • We are responsible for our work.

Our Policies

Our policies are a bit different from other consultancies – we’re here to make a positive difference to our environment, and we want to deliver the best solution to our clients.  To do this we have three simple policies:

  • We provide a discount to companies that undertake research or conservation activities as their core business,
  • We always provide upper limit quotes, and
  • Bug fixes are free – no matter what.

Our Team

Our people come from a diverse range of backgrounds which means we can deliver a wide range of solutions to our clients.

Alex Chapman
Consulting Scientist
Formerly from the Western Australian Herbarium, Alex is a taxonomist and bioinformatics specialist with a wealth of experience in this field. Alex has a Bachelor of Science (Botany and Biochemistry), a Masters degree (Botany) and a Postgrad Diploma in Computer Science. Alex has joined Gaia Resources to assist in a range of areas including our citizen science initiatives.


Tracey Cousens
Environmental Scientist
Tracey joined Gaia Resources initially to assist with office management, but also provides a range of other assistance across the organisation, including as a spatial analyst, support person and applications tester. Tracey has a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) and she is the first voice you hear when you call our office.


Gary Davies
Mobile Software Engineer
Gary joins us as a new Mobile Software Engineer, with a range of experience in a variety of mobile technologies.  Gary joins us to continue the development of our suite of mobile applications.
Andrew Dennison
Spatial Principal
Andrew is the Spatial Manager at Gaia Resources and has a background in geography and data management with considerable Geographical Information Systems experience.
His previous roles include GIS Consultant, GIS Manager, Spatial Database Administrator and Account Manager. Andrew has worked in the public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand.
Jake Geddes
Spatial Analyst
Jake Geddes joined Gaia Resources as a Spatial Analyst. With a Bachelor of Science (Cartography and GIS), Jake joins the team to assist with the wide range of work we do in the spatial area.


KehanKehan Harman
Software Engineer
Kehan is a Software Engineer at Gaia Resources working on collection management and biodiversity informatics projects among others. He comes from a background in both natural history (collection management and taxonomy) and software development, specialising in building applications for scientific communities. He has a Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics and undergraduate qualifications in Botany and Microbiology with Botany Honours.


Piers Higgs
Piers is the founder and Director of Gaia Resources. He has worked with the environmental industry for most of his career, and has a range of experience in GIS, ecology and data management. He continues to be involved in research through his role as a Research Associate of the Western Australian Museum.  He has a Bachelor of Science (Geography), a Diploma in Journalism, a Masters in Business Administration, and a motorbike that is never ridden these days.


James Houston
Project Manager, Spatial Analyst, Trainer
James is a Project Manager, Spatial Analyst and Trainer with Gaia Resources with a background in environmental surveys for the oil and gas industry and graphical information systems.  With previous and ongoing studies in information systems and environmental science, James enjoys applying the ever increasing capabilities of GIS in analysing and interpreting scientific data. James also spends some of his time traveling within Australia teaching GIS and spatial data management to various industry sectors.


Tamara Kaestner
Tamara is the Accountant at Gaia Resources, handling all aspects of the accounts, from payables to reporting. Tamara is based in Canberra these days, where she finds the cold hard to deal with but the time difference quite useful when chasing the team for timesheet entries.
Serge Le Breton
Software Engineer
Serge has just joined the team at Gaia Resources as a software engineer.  Serge has been working on a range of projects using our systems and products with a number of clients, and hails from a diverse background of software engineering in France, New Zealand and Australia .  Serge has a Masters in Engineering and a Masters in Quantum Mechanics.


Ben New
Software Engineer
Ben is a software developer with a degree in Computer Science and over 15 years experience in software development within a wide range of business domains, from defence to advertising to risk management. Ben is proficient using a variety of languages, platforms and tools, and is a proponent of open source technology and open standards, as well as open roads and open throttles.


Tony Prior
Software Engineer
Tony is a Software Engineer at Gaia Resources working on several GRID and GIS-related projects. He comes from a mixed background within the field of software development, including radiology medical systems and game development. He has a PhD in Computer Science where his thesis investigated haptics and virtual environments, as well as a Bachelor degree in Computer and Mathematical Science.


Chris Roach
Project Manager
Chris joins us as a Project Manager. With a background in GIS consultancy, environmental applications and information technology, Chris started his career as a Geologist and then moved into the technical GIS arena before team co-ordination and project delivery. Also a keen ice hockey enthusiast, Chris brings a cheery Canadian accent to our office.


Grit Schuster
Spatial/Environmental Scientist
Grit is a Spatial/Environmental Scientist specialised in the analysis, management and modelling of spatial data. After completing her doctorate at the Department of Physical Geography at the University of Freiburg, Germany she worked as research fellow at Curtin University’s Spatial Sciences Department.
Her research background lies in the application of remote sensing and GIS technologies in the analysis of climatic processes and spatial epidemiology.  Grit is currently on maternity leave.


Morgan Strong
Morgan Strong is a consultant and coordinator for Queensland-based projects at Gaia Resources.  Morgan’s role in the business has a focus on digital project management, business development and technical production
Shay Telfer
Software Engineer
International man of mystery Shay Telfer has a reluctance to provide us with details about his interesting exploits (or a photo to use), but we do know he has a passion for technology and chickens. Shay joins us as a software engineer with a focus on our infrastructure and deployment areas, while still working on development of a number of our systems.
Robert Vally
Software Engineer
Robert has just joined Gaia Resources as a software engineer. Rob’s the early arriving family man who drinks more coffee than most of the rest of the team combined…