ECAWA Information Management Talk

Last night I gave a talk for the Environmental Consultants Association of Western Australia on the topic of “A Practitioners Guide to Information Management: Data Sources and Tools”.


The talk was always aimed at being a quite generic “what data sources and tools are available to you as an environmental practitioner”, and in the end I threw in a lot of information about where the people who attended the meeting could get additional sources of data and information for their work.


I thought that this might be something that is relatively useful for the broader community, so I figured it might be worthwhile putting up some simple copies of the powerpoint and the additional handouts for people to look at.  To save space I’ve PDF’d both and stuck them up on our web site.

  • Powerpoint Handouts (PDF)
  • Additional URLs for data sources and tools (PDF)

For more information on the talk, feel free to drop me a line.


Email me directly here.


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