Environmental QGIS Training Special

Our Environmental QGIS Training course has been going great guns all around the south west of Western Australia with over 100 environmental practitioners from 43 different research or conservation groups trained in our environmentally (and locally) focused QGIS course. You can see from the interactive map below (which is powered by our GRID product) the place of work of the all the participants (blue stars) as well as the location of the main training centres used to deliver the courses (circles).  Groups represented are from a range of organisations including Natural Resource Management groups, catchment and landcare groups, shires, herbariums, government departments, universities, Department of Fire and Emergency services and various commercial providers in agricultural and conservation management.

We can also travel to you for custom QGIS courses on a time and materials basis, so please get in touch if this is of some interest to you. You will never look back at having this spatial power at your fingertips and you can take it with you wherever your career progresses.

You can read blogs about some of our prior QGIS training courses here, or go to our main training page here that has all the details about the course.

If you would like to take advantage of this great offer you can contact us on 08 9227 7309 or email training@gaiaresources.com.au citing the discount. Alternatively you can email me directly here or contact us via Twitter, LinkedIn or our Facebook page.


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