Expanding our team

As part of our sustainable growth plans, and as a direct result of a few projects – with announcements on those to come – we are looking to hire a number of new people, across a range of roles.

We are a technology consulting company, and we achieve our mission to make the world a better place by delivering sustainable solutions to help our clients deliver on their core business. We deliver these solutions in areas such as environmental technology, collections management, archives, health, and other areas.  

We are currently looking for:

  • Project Managers, to help us to deliver our projects,
  • Business Analysts, to help us in areas ranging from gathering and managing user requirements to undertaking more detailed analysis of systems and data models, and
  • Software Engineers, to help us develop the systems for these projects.

There’s three very different roles in here, so what are we looking for in these candidates?

Project Managers

You will deliver large, multi-year projects, and preferably have some experience in the areas our clients work in – particularly the Environmental area, but also in Collections, Health and other technology projects.  It’s ideal that you would have an understanding of how to manage software engineering and data science based projects, as this is highly relevant to the work that we do.

Business Analysts

As a Business Analyst with us, you may work across a range of areas, including gathering and documenting requirements, developing acceptance criteria, managing requirements, and also a range of other activities, including training, scrum mastery and testing roles.  We are looking for people who are across all of these different Business Analysis tasks for our team.  Similarly to the Project Managers, we also want you to have a grounding in technology projects like the ones we deliver.

Software Engineers

You will potentially be working in a range of different technologies, primarily in the open source area.  You will have experience on one or more of the languages we use (e.g. Java, Python, PHP, Ruby) and one or more of the range of frameworks and technologies (e.g. Angular, Drupal, Symfony, Composer).  You will also have experience in cloud based infrastructure.  In short, if you have experience in these areas, and are confident with Git workflows, you are what we are looking for in our future Software Engineers.

The “where” of these positions is very flexible.  Gaia Resources has offices in Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart – and soon we will be expanding to include staff in Canberra and Melbourne. So we are looking for people who can join our existing offices, or our upcoming ones, as well as other areas in Australia.  We also pride ourselves on providing a flexible, supportive environment to our staff that is family-friendly – so working remotely or from home is also a part of our day-to-day operations.

So, most importantly – how do you get more information and apply?

If you are interested in working with us, and have the skills for the roles outlined above, then send a curriculum vitae and a covering letter explaining how you think that you would fit into these roles via the jobs@gaiaresources.com.au email address.  If you want to know more details about any of these roles, then drop a line to us via that email address, or call our Perth office on (08) 9227 7309.

We mainly recruit using word of mouth, or from the same, reliable recruiter who has been working with us for over 10 years.  So we’re asking for potential candidates who are interested in working with us, and meet the requirements outlined above, to get in touch with us now, rather than wait for future job ads.  While we will be putting out specific job adverts in time, you can ask now for the details of these positions – salary ranges, hours, and the like, by dropping us an email.

While we do use specific job ads (primarily via Seek and LinkedIn), it’s our connections that we have made to people out there that have been key to finding the right people.  So you could say that our process is to be opportunistic all year around, and many of the team that have joined us over the years are those who have been sent to us out of the blue outside of a recruiting round.  We’re hoping that this spurs a few more of our connections to dust off a CV and get in touch with us soon – don’t wait for the job ads to apply as we will create a new position for the right candidate(s)!

It’s going to be a very exciting year ahead for us – we’d like to find the right people to come and join us to make it a very successful one!


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