Rottnest Kickoff Day

Every year I’ve run a kickoff day with the Gaia Resources team, to set the scene for the year ahead.  We finally ran the 2016 one last week, over at Rottnest, after everyone was back from their leave after Christmas and the new year.

We covered off on a range of things during the presentation, one of the more important being the upcoming workloads for the team.  To that end, we will shortly be putting together some job ads; we’re still working out the details but we’re looking for software engineers and specialists with skills in technologies like PHP, Django, PostgreSQL and other similar techs – more to come from that in another post in the near future.


The team relaxing after our kickoff session

Looking back at the presentations I’ve developed has been quite interesting to see the things that are the same – our driving principles and values – and the things that change – like how we deal with different challenges, opportunities and economic conditions.  It is a great reminder of how far we’ve come in 12 years, and we couldn’t have managed that without a great set of people working as part of the Gaia Resources team over this time.

Anyway, back to Rotto; this is the third time we’ve been there for a team event.  Rotto is somewhere I only discovered in my Uni days (when I thought I was going to be a Coastal Geomorphologist), but it’s somewhere I think of very fondly.  Being in a natural(-ish) environment – even just being out of the office – can bring a different perspective on things, and it sure is a good way to do a Dolphin Watch survey of the Swan River, right from Barrack St to the mouth of the River – when you can then switch to Coastal Walkabout for the trip across to Rotto and back!

Stay tuned for recruitment news next week!


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