Supporting the Night Parrot

A while back we had a call from the Night Parrot Recovery Team (led by Allan Burbidge) asking if we could assist them with a relatively simple task: can you help us with a web site?  Of course, and it was launched last Friday, at (by the Threatened Species Commissioner, no less!)


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a bit of a “birdo”.  Back in the earlier days of Gaia Resources, I even led a few bird-watching trips in the Pilbara, showing people why birding is easy to pick up, but pretty hard to shake.  But I’ve never seen or heard a Night Parrot – and that’s not really surprising.

The Night Parrot has been shrouded in controversy and mystery for some time.  It had a long period of being a recluse, with few authenticated sightings, and there has been a fair amount of investigation (and some controversy) into this Endangered species.  The latest ones occur from an area of Queensland – which is now being protected by an exclusion zone.

So, given a chance to help support the Recovery Team, we jumped at the chance – supporting conservation activities are a big part of why we do what we do at Gaia Resources, and especially when it’s about birds, which I’ve always had an interest in.

Making a web site these days is something that a range of organisations can do, but I doubt there are any organisations out there that can understand the subject matter like we do – and we’re still competitive in terms of pricing with other groups.  Morgan did a great job in running this small project (in amongst all his other projects!) remotely from our new little Brisbane office.

I think the fact we can jump in, and get the site up and running at very short notice (including the domain delegation) and delivery a great looking web site is testament to the fact we care about the subject matter we’re working with.


The Night Parrot will continue to be a “holy grail” for many birdos, and the work that the Recovery Team are doing will ensure that there’s a chance – one day – that I might see one of these in the wild myself. That’s work worth supporting.

If you’re a conservation group that’s keen on getting your web site created or updated, then contact either Morgan or myself, or start a conversation with us via FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.


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