Latest on the Essential Service Volunteers App

Screenshots from the ESV app

Screenshots from the ESV app

You may have read about Gaia Resources involvement in the development of the Essential Services Volunteers app previously this year. There have been significant recent developments we wanted to highlight.

Firstly, Bushfire Volunteers WA Executive Officer Darren Brown talked about the new app supporting bushfire volunteers in a great interview with Triple R’s Byte Into IT – a weekly broadcast on computer news, tech talk and opinionated chat with regular guests, presented by Vanessa Toholka.

You can listen to the 15-minute segment with Darren discussing the ESV app, its genesis and value here. It’s a great insight into the necessity for better documentation of volunteers’ efforts on the job, and the ways the community can validly contribute to support their work.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, recently recognised the significant contribution of Bushfire Volunteers WA’s work in this letter:

PM's letter to Bushfire Volunteers WA

PM’s letter to Bushfire Volunteers WA

Gaia Resources is proud to have partnered with Bushfire Volunteers WA to develop and support this app. We truly hope the use of this app expands to assist even more essential service volunteers across Australia to document and validate their valuable time in service of the Australian community.

If you’re interested in how volunteer mobile data collection apps could help your organisation, feel free to comment below, or contact, or start a chat via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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