Moving with the cloud

On Friday last week, we moved our team out of our old space at FLUX – to our new space at FLUX!

Our old space at FLUX, may it bring much luck and support to whomever it houses in the future

Yes, we didn’t move that far – just across to the other side of the floor – but we moved for a few really good reasons.  One is that with some of our recent projects, we’re hiring new staff and looking at expansion.  On top of that, we’re also getting some new certifications around information security, and we thought that we should also get ourselves a physically separate space to go along with that.  The team at FLUX were really supportive, providing us with a new space to move into – and one we can further grow into.

What’s behind door number 1? Visit us to find out!

The move went very smoothly – we are starting to wonder if this should be a service we offer! – and completed within an hour.  We had packed up all our gear, and moved across to the new space on the other side of the floor, unpacked and powered back on.  This is all down to how much of our work we no longer carry around with us – thanks to a lot of our systems now living “in the cloud”*.  So, we simply unplugged, moved our gear, and plugged back in – and lo and behold, we are up and running again nice and smoothly.  The cloud does wonders for moving offices!

With the change of location comes a bit of a change of attitudes, and a chance to refresh and refocus ourselves – we look forward to having a new place to show off next time you come to visit us, but in the meantime you can keep in touch via FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.


* Along with the Monkey King.

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