WALIS Crowdsourcing Talk

I’ve just got back from the WALIS Crowdsourcing event, where I gave a presentation on Crowdsourcing and what it has involved for us in our work, primarily with the Atlas of Living Australia, but also with our brief foray into the Emergentweet space.

I’m experimenting a little in this blog post by adding in a Slideshare version of the presentation below, but you can also grab my usual PDF version of the talk here (3.6MB PDF).


The presentation will also be put up on the WALIS site somewhere, I’ll add in a comment on this post when we know where.

I was happy with the way the presentation went. I hit the high points I wanted to, and I hope I got the messages across I wanted to.  Certianly there was a good amount of discussion during and after my talk, and I came back to the office to several emails asking for some more details, and one asking for a repeat performance to Curtin University web mapping students. So that will be fun to see how a different audience reacts to the same presentation.

Hopefully this will help a few other crowdsourcing and citizen science projects out there – let me know if it’s useful.


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