Welcome to Morgan!

Piers’ note: This is probably one of our worst kept secrets, but Morgan joined us a few weeks ago, and this is one of the reasons I’ve been back and forth to Brisbane so frequently.  Morgan’s based over in Brisbane and expands our presence in Australia quite a bit – no pressure, Morgan!

Hey there, I’m Morgan, and I’m excited to be the first Gaia Resources employee based in Queensland.

I have a background in web and museums, working for the last 12 years in developing websites and web-based software, and also managing digital projects. Fortunately, none of the sites I made in early 2000s are still in production, but I do take pride in what was followed.  So I’ve come on board to help in a few areas; web design and development, proposals and business development, collections management, digital project management, but perhaps most importantly, I’m here to frequently start flame wars as the only die-hard Apple user and Rugby League fan.

Morgan Strong in front of a room delivering a speech to a group with heads seen in the foreground

Morgan in his native element – running workshops

More seriously, I have a technical background but have been running teams and projects for many years now, so the plan is to utilise this hybrid skillset to help establish Gaia Resources’ east coast presence.  This should benefit our customers across Australia by providing extended support, new insights and access to resources, and by expanding the excellent product offering – like GRID – to new organisations over here.

In my spare time I have a small baby that doesn’t sleep much, my wife and I love our fitness routines, and am I’m trying to complete my doctoral thesis examining the public value of museum collections placed online. It’ll get done… soon…

Lastly, here are a couple of Swamp Wallabies seen near my old home (couple of hours drive south of Brisbane near a place called Lismore – where I grew up), not exactly relevant to this blog, but I wanted your final impression of me to be a positive one!

A swamp wallaby and her joey standing next to one another

Not Morgan in their native element – a swamp

I look forward to this next adventure and getting the reputable Gaia brand well known here on the east coast… and also to convince at least one Gaia employee to use a Mac or watch an NRL game.

Feel free to leave a comment below, drop me an email, or contact all of us via the Gaia Resources Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.



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