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This time we have a guest blog post from Jayden, who was in for work experience for the a couple of weeks ago… something a little different! 

Over the past week I was invited to join the team here at Gaia Resources for some work experience and to see how a different company runs compared to my past experiences.

A bit about me…

My name is Jayden Lambert, I am 16 and have recently completed my Certificate IV in Networking, I currently work part time at Kolbe Catholic College in Rockingham within the IT deptartment. As I am still only 16 I am still considering my options, I took the opportunity to come to Gaia Resources to see the differences in which a company such as Gaia compares in comparison to my present position. Coming from a school background to an office was a pleasant surprise! I found that I could actually hear myself think and was able to concentrate!

During my week here I have participated in a number of different tasks some more challenging than others, I touched up on my cable management and soon learnt that it is easy to forget where you unplugged a cable a couple of seconds before! Whilst at TAFE you learn things such as mapping a network I put my skills to the test and created a simple map of the network here in the Gaia Resources office.


Developing the network diagram

Along with the network diagram I also created a map using QGIS ( to make a view of the office including all of the network points and their numbers, this allows the technician to look at the sheet in order to find where a port is located instead of walking around to each individual room.



The network map

Mapping is one thing, being able to physically change it is another, with the help of Anthony we installed a network cable in order to allow the printer to be shifted, this took some troubleshooting.. have you tried to shift a printer?cheeky Whilst completing this task I also gained a bit more knowledge and practice in patching, making and terminating network cables.

Over the past week I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Gaia and would like to thank the whole team for their hospitality and taking time to show me a range of different skills and processes different from what I am used to.

Jayden Lambert

A very big thankyou for all your help over the week you were with us Jayden! Gaia Resources has benefited greatly from your enthusiasm and efficiency in dealing with the tasks we’ve given you, and I hope you enjoyed your time here!

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