We have recently implemented another instance of our Geographic & Reporting Information Database (GRID) product – this time for the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC), which is the 7th GRID instance in WA!

You can read more about GRID here but in a nutshell it is an easy-to-use online system designed with and for Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups that provides for the collection and reporting of on-ground activities and events. Thanks to the recent State NRM Capability grants GRID is also currently undergoing a whole bunch of enhancements, which all GRID users will benefit from.

The process of rolling out a new GRID instance involves:

  • Create a staging/testing site to confirm the theme (logos, styling),
  • Working closely with NRM staff to ensure the setup closely resembles their in-house program and project management protocols,
  • Establish data collecting and reporting standards for on-ground work,
  • Source and upload useful base layers that NRM staff can utilise for reference purposes (these are contextual spatial datasets, like imagery and topography),
  • Once all that is finalised, we roll out a new production site and provide on-site hands-on training (as shown below!).


NACC staff getting some hands-on training so they can hit the ground running. 

That’s it! Staff can be up and running on a new GRID instance within a couple of weeks, especially if they are already collecting data in standard formats and have some existing GIS data.  We then provide ongoing support to the organisation through our hosting, maintenance and support agreements, so that we are always on hand to help.

There is also a new State NRM GRID instance in the program for the capability grant, which in the short term will facilitate the submission of grant applications to State NRM and in the longer term it is envisioned that state-wide reporting standards can be established, increasing collaboration and more landscape-scale knowledge outcomes for Western Australia.  This is an exciting new chapter in GRID use!

If you’d like to know more about GRID please leave a comment below – or email me directly via  Or, feel free to start a conversation with us via FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.


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